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Vice President (Academic Services)

Vice President (Academic Services)

Advertisement for the position of Vice President, Academic Services.


The incumbent will have overall responsibility for NESC's Education System by providing direct leadership of curriculum, teaching and learning, and examinations and assessments. Managers, Heads of Departments and other officers of the NESC.

  1. Provide educational leadership and determine the courses of study with direction from the President.
  2. Prepare and monitor the implementation of strategic and operational plans for the Office of the Vice President, Academic Services, all Campuses and relevant divisions and units.
  3. Coordinate the preparation of the budget of the Office of the Vice President, Academic Services and allocate resources to achieve strategic imperatives.
  4. Provide recommendations for changes in education policies as required.
  5. Design structures, systems and work processes to facilitate effective work of the Office of the Vice President, Academic Services, Campuses and relevant divisions and units.
  6. Co-ordinate with the Vice President, Financial Services for the effective and efficient use of and planning for facilities.
  7. Co-ordinate with the Vice President, Student Services for the preparation of the class schedule each semester; approves the final class schedule.
  8. Monitor workflows and operating procedures to ensure consistency, service, quality, budget, timeliness, efficiency expectations and accuracy of work.
  9. Provide oversight of adherence to NESC's policies and procedures by office and campus staff and students.
  10. Ensure the effective assessment, review, development, implementation and delivery of curriculum.
  11. Review and update academic regulations and policies to preserve academic integrity, and monitor compliance with local and international standards and certification.
  12. Oversee the preparation and revision of programme plans for the NESC.
  13. Provide overall direction of student support systems.
  14. Lead student recruitment and marketing of the institution's programme offerings.
  15. Collaborate with the Marketing & Corporate Communications department for the compilation, update and maintenance of information for the published course catalogues/prospectus.
  16. Work with NESC ISO Management Representative to ensure all sections under Academic Services perform all required tasks in adherence with NESC's QMS in order to achieve and maintain ISO certification.
  17. Report on performance of all Campuses and respective locations to the President and provide recommendations for improvement and implementation of Campus Improvement Plans.
  18. Direct the preparation of relevant statistical reports on Campus performance and activities for internal and external stakeholders.
  19. Oversee all personnel matters relating to all staff under the umbrella of the Office of Academic Services including; recruitment, complaints, disciplinary action, termination and dismissal, performance evaluations, training & development, promotion and merit; and the preparation and approval of strategic and professional development plans.
  20. Provide specific oversight for Campus Manager, Deputy Campus Manager, Dean, Head of Department, Lecturers and other related personnel for performance assessment, the development/review of relevant procedures; preparation and distribution of schedules; generation and issuance of gap analysis with recommendations in accordance with best practice.
  21. Maintain and accurately report on Lecturers, Instructors, Campus Managers, Deputy Campus Managers, Dean, Head of Department, Projects & Maintenance and other relevant personnel performance and make appropriate recommendations for improvement in respective areas.
  22. Provide support/guidance to the Business Development Department in coordinating the use of Campus Facilities for customized programmes and other revenue generating activities.
  23. Lead the development, integration, maintenance and upgrade of the Information Technology & Communication System for Campus use and in education.
  24. Demonstrate and encourage integrity and loyalty towards the NESC and its agents among staff.
  25. Liaise with relevant Ministries, professional associations and regulatory agencies and other relevant agencies/partners as required and to ensure conformance with applicable standards.
  26. Perform all duties in compliance with HSSE & ISO standards as specified by the HSSE & ISO departments.
  27. Participate on relevant Committees as directed by the President.
  28. Related duties as required.

Qualification and Experience

  1. Bachelor's degree or equivalent in an academic or technical discipline.
  2. A Master's degree in Education.
  3. 7-10 years experience as an education administrator at a senior level.
  4. Possession of a Ph.D. will be an asset.


  1. Expert knowledge of education systems and education administration.
  2. Knowledge and experience in workforce and economic development, adult education, curriculum & continuing education programmes and student support
  3. Considerate knowledge of current education theories and practice.
  4. Experience in accreditation process.
  5. Knowledge of governmental codes, statues and regulations that govern training institutions.
DEADLINE for Applications: 1st AUGUST 2017
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