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Drilling Rig Roughneck / Floorhand 1 Year (part-time)
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Drilling Rig Roughneck / Floorhand Professional Enhancement

Available at: Drilling Academy (Ste. Madeline)
5:00pm - 9:00pm

This course, Drilling Rig Roughneck is designed to focus on the operations and duties that are normal to operations on the rig floor during Drilling, Tripping and Casing. The Roughneck is also termed as a floorhand and is required to be knowledgeable and proficient in handling the tools and downhole components involved in the drilling of a well. The work involves being at the center of the activities that take place around the well which must be done in a safe manner because of the inherent dangers associated with heavy components, large tools, high mechanical forces and pressures encountered in the circulation system and other operations.

Entry Requirements

Appropriate combination of Education and Industry Experience.

Students are required to complete three 4-hour sessions per week.

Programme Fee: $4000

Contact Hours: 150


  1. Principals of Physics For Roughnecks – 16 hrs
  2. Tubulars and well construction – 40 hrs
  3. Mud Circulation system – 24 hrs
  4. Introduction to rig floor operations – 24 hrs
  5. Introduction to well control – 16hrs
  6. Practical training and assessment – 40 hrs
NESC Certificate

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