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Drilling Rig Operations Diploma

2 academic years and 1 year on the job

Drilling Academy (Ste. Madeline)

The program will run for two (2) Academic years and one (1) year on the job. The duration of a semester will be 14 weeks of contact hour training. Upon successful completion of the training program candidates will receive certification from the National Energy Skills Center (NESC) in Drilling Rig Technician Diploma.

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Automotive Services Diploma

Apprenticeship Programme

Drilling Academy (Ste. Madeline)|Laventille|Point Lisas|Tobago|Woodford Lodge

The Automotive Services Technician Diploma Programme provides persons with the skills to troubleshoot, repair and maintain modern automobiles. Students are taught to identify faulty operations using diagnostic equipment and service manuals. Graduates will possess the skills and knowledge required to diagnose, repair, overhaul or modify a motor vehicle in accordance with production standards required by industry.

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Heavy Equipment Diploma

Apprenticeship Programme

Point Lisas|Woodford Lodge

This Apprenticeship Programme provides theoretical and practical training in Heavy Equipment Maintenance. Students are taught to interpret work orders and technical manuals and how to keep equipment clean, lubricated and effectively maintained. Through a combination of workshop and on-the-job training, students are exposed to the skills required to diagnose faults and malfunctions, adjust equipment and repair or replace defective parts, components or systems.

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Instrumentation Diploma

Point Lisas

The Instrumentation Diploma Programme teaches students to install, maintain and repair the measuring and control instruments used in industrial and commercial processing. Students are exposed to variety of pneumatic, electronic and microcomputer instruments used to measure and control variables such as pressure, flow, temperature levels, motion etc.

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Millwright Diploma

La Brea|Mayaro|Point Lisas

This programme is another of NESC's 3-year Diploma Programmes and imparts the basic skills necessary for the effective maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment used in the Petrochemical and other industries. The programme includes theory and relevant practicals in the repair and alignment of pumps and other rotating equipment, as well as gearboxes and compressors.

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Welder (SMAW, GTAW, FCAW) Diploma

La Brea|Laventille|Mayaro|Moruga|Palo Seco|Point Fortin|Point Lisas|Ste Madeline|Tobago

Graduates will be skillful in the fusing of metals using prescribed welding applications and be able to recognize defective welds, know the cause and proper procedure for the repair of the defective area. They will be able to execute assigned tasks in accordance with production standards required by industry.

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Building Trades Diploma

Laventille|Point Lisas

This course is designed to cover the range of skills required to maintain or renovate commercial and residential properties. It offers comprehensive training in the Construction Trades using hands-on approach.

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Electrician Diploma

Debe|La Brea|Laventille|Mayaro|Point Fortin|Point Lisas|Ste Madeline|Tobago

This course provides students with the knowledge and skill required to install, maintain and repair electrical systems in both domestic and industrial properties. It includes planning, layout and installation of wiring, electrical fixtures, panels, cable trays etc. Emphasis is placed on the proper use of tools and safe work practices.

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Refrigeration and Air Condition Diploma

Debe|Laventille|Mayaro|Point Lisas|Ste Madeline|Tobago

Graduates will have a thorough knowledge of the principle components of refrigeration systems, heat/cool units and air conditioning electrical and automatic controls. They will be capable of assembling, installing or overhauling all components and be proficient in the use of test instruments. After completing this course students are able to apply their knowledge of the installation, and service of HVAC systems in accordance with standards for the industry.

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Fabricator-Boiler Maker Diploma

La Brea|Mayaro|Moruga|Palo Seco|Point Fortin|Point Lisas|Ste Madeline

Graduates will possess the skills and knowledge to install and maintain high pressure and low-pressure steam and hot liquid systems, including various process and industrial systems. They will be able to fabricate, join and install any pipe system used for various purposes in buildings, using any type of pipe in accordance with production standards required by industry.

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